John Deere Alternator and Starters – Brand New

john deere starter alternator

We specialize in Farm Tractor Starter, Alternator, Generator and Battery chargers. We also carry auto parts such as Regulators, Pulley, Alternator plugs, PTO and rewind armature coils.  Visit our website

We serve Waterloo, kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, Listowel, Stratford,Woodstock,
Shakespeare, Baden, New Hamburg, Alma, Wallenstein and surrounding areas. Shipments to your door step. Visa, MC, E-transfer accepted.  Call us at 519-748-6488. Shipment to your place available.

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Waterloo-Kitchener Food Bank – Its a way to give

Monthly giving is a concept, we at Reconit Electric do within our community. Big or small does not matter, if you have the heart to support the needy and hungry. We drop off a bag at our community Church to be passed on to Waterloo Region Food bank. Join hands with your area food bank and be a leader in the joy of giving.


reconit electric kitchener waterloo food bank

waterloo region food bank

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Ram pickup, Doge Charger sedans recalled due to engine fire risk

Some Ram pickup trucks, Doge Charger sedans recalled due to engine fire risk

Transport Canada says the affected vehicles from model years 2007 to 2014 have a 220-amp alternator with a potential to malfunction in hot weather.

OTTAWA—Transport Canada has issued a recall notice for about 10,000 Ram pickup trucks and other Fiat Chrysler vehicles that are at increased risk of stalling or fire in the engine compartment due to an electrical short.

The federal agency says the affected vehicles from model years 2007 to 2014 have a 220-amp alternator with a potential to malfunction in hot weather.

It says the problem can be corrected by replacing the alternator.

The recall affects Ram 2500 pickup trucks from the 2013 model year, 3500s from as early as the 2007 model year and Ram 4500 and 5500s from the 2008 through 2013 model years.

It also affects the Dodge Charger police cars from the 2011 through 2014 model years.

There are also recalls in the U.S. and Mexico.

In an Oct. 18 statement, Fiat Chrysler says it is aware of a possible injury in the U.S., but no collisions.

The automaker is recalling about 74,833 vehicles in the U.S., 1,088 in Mexico and 134 outside the NAFTA region.

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Pool pump seal leak

The most frequent pump leaks are from the shaft seal assembly.

The pump shaft seal is located where the motor shaft goes into the pump. Shaft seals will wear over time and generally need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Improper water chemistry or extended run times will cause shaft seals to wear out more quickly.

What are the signs of a shaft seal leak?

A shaft seal leak is usually noticed as water on the ground under the pump. On many pumps the motor shaft is visible and leaks will be visually evident. On other pumps (Such as Hayward pool pumps) you cannot see the motor shaft without taking the pump apart. In this case you will often see water puddled around the pump but not be able to see the source of the water.

How do I fix a shaft seal leak?

Shaft seals are replaceable by Motor repair or service centers.  Call us at 519-748-6488 for further advice.

Volute Gasket Leaks

All pumps have a place where the two main halves of the pump connect together. All pumps have an o-ring or gasket at this meeting point. Over time this gasket can leak. If you get a leak here the o-ring or gasket will need to be replaced.

If you develop a pump leak it pays to fix it early. Pool pump leaks can often damage the motor if they are left leaking for too long. It is much less expensive to fix leaks before they destroy the motor.

Broken Pump Parts

On rare occasion a plastic part of a pump will crack and water will leak out. If this happens, the broken part of the pump has to be replaced.

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Pool pump motor repair

Clogged Pool Pump Impeller

A physical obstruction in the pump impeller is the most common cause of low flow. Often small items can get through the pump basket and get stuck in the pump impeller, they often cause other things to get stuck with them and soon there is a large mass of debris in the impeller that restricts the flow sharply. The solution is to access the impeller and remove the obstruction. If the pump basket is in poor condition allowing larger items through it can add to this problem so you will want to replace it.

Occasionally there are other obstructions such as something stuck in the plumbing between the pool and the pump, or even misaligned suction valves. If the skimmer basket is in poor condition it can make this condition much more common and you will want to replace it. If you have an automatic cleaner, you will want to check the cleaner and its hoses for obstructions. You will also want to check the pump basket, if it is too full, then the flow can be obstructed. This can be a frequent problem for people who have removed their skimmer basket to install a pool cleaner. The pump basket is usually too small to take the leaf load of an entire pool. We recommend the installation of a Vac-Mate or an inline leaf canister in this case (often both).

Broken/Worn Pump Impeller

Occasionally a pump impeller will physically break off of the motor shaft. Also a metal impeller can be eaten away by chemistry or age. If so the impeller will need to be replaced.

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Alternator Voltage Tester

It’s time to update your tools. AD100 is designed for testing the alternators installed in newer vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Benz, Ford, Toyota, Mazda etc. Unlike traditional alternators, regulators here are controlled by the Electronic Computer Modules.

Using this tester it is possible to determine whether the voltage regulator is able to work correctly with the ECU in the vehicle and whether it reacts properly to required parameters. Protocols: LIN, BSS, PD, RVC, SIG, RLO.

Shipment to your door step available. Visa, MC, Paypal payments.

Reconit Electric Rebuilders Ltd


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Christmas Season – An ideal gift to your grandparents

Isn’t a snow blower starter motor, an ideal gift to seniors during this Christmas season? Most agree its a wise thing to do.  Pulling the cord during a snowy day is not good for their health. A small investment will go along way.

We offer brand new snow blower starter motors to fit Toro, Mastercraft, Craftsman, Johndeere, Bigjoe, Yard master and many more. They also fit on Tecumseh or Briggs & Stratton engine.  Call us at Reconit Electric Rebuilders Ltd at 519-748-6488.

christmas and grandparents

Gift a snow blower starter motor to grandparents.

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Surprising fees Canadians pay for shopping online from USA

Surprising fees Canadians pay for shopping online from US suppliers

shopping online starter alternator batterycharger

Monday —​ the biggest sales of the year in the U.S. —​ Canadians looking to save by shopping online could face some hidden costs.

Purchasing from stores outside Canada mean shoppers get hit by duties, taxes and other fees that quickly add up.

A few examples:

– A Quebec resident who spends $100 on baby clothes will pay $35.11 in duties and tax.

– A British Columbia resident who buys a tricycle worth $100 will pay another $32.16 in duties and tax.

– A Nova Scotia resident who buys $100 in bedroom furnishings will pay 35.70 in duties and tax.

On top of that, Canadians can pay courier and customs brokers fees that companies charge for delivery as well as processing and collecting those duties and taxes. And since the items being ordered are priced in U.S. dollars, the exchange rate conversion to Canadian funds will add roughly 15 per cent. It can all make for a surprisingly large final bill.

​How much duty do you pay? That depend on the product and where it was made. Duty can cost anywhere from nothing to, in some cases, upwards of 100 per cent of the cost of the item.


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Komatsu/Nikko starter relay switch

Most komatsu construction equipments uses a safety relay switch or IMS. Its function is to keep the operator from engaging the starter if the engine is running. It gets its signal from the alternator. If the engine is running and the alternator is charging, the starter motor is not allowed to engage.

The starting issue appears to be a result of a safety circuit that prevents the starter from being engaged when the motor is running. This is to prevent starter motor and flywheel damage in the event driver tries to start the motor while it is already running. There is a diode in the alternator that prevents the starter relay from energizing when the alternator is making charge, i.e. motor is running. When the diode goes bad, the starter relay is deactivated and the battery relay is kept from energized.

However Komatsu changed the circuit in the newer machines and instead has a diode under the seat that provides start circuit protection in many of the smaller machines.

Look at you alternator to see how many wires there are. The older machines will have three wires, the big battery terminal, a small black wire for ground and another wire for that works the safety relay on the starter. If you have only the battery and ground wires you will have to look for the diode. Last machine I worked on was a couple of years ago so I don’t remember exactly where it was but I do recall having to pull the seat to find it.

The issue with the battery relay not dropping out is probably something different. Have you installed another electrical component? Radios and heaters can be a big problem. Have you recently had a component failure like a wiring harness or maybe a fire? The reason I ask is that your relay works on the ground side of the circuit. When you turn the key on it only provides a ground that lets current flow through the coil. A short circuit in any component or the wiring harness will keep the battery relay engaged. You might try pulling fuses and keeping track of what they supply. When the relay drops you might have found your problem.

12V or 24 volt relay switch and its function

12V or 24 volt relay switch and its function

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Starter Motor repair – Food for thought

A local customer of ours who mainly buys starters referred a friend of his to us to see if we can help to get him going. He had tried to fix his own Kubota Lawn starter to no avail but he had already installed new OE solenoid, armature,and drive assembly on the unit! None of his repair worked and the starter only clicked but nothing else. We wanted to ask him how he could justify spending all of that money with no results, but did not comment. It is better that way!
We think the customer or a DIY perception is since this is a simple direct drive starter, then repairing it with a new drive, armature and solenoid should be a no-brainer…but of course this did not happen to be the case. After removing the CE cap off the starter we at Reconit Electric Rebuilders, noticed he had lost the main insulator that covers the brushes, and had the brush springs in a vertical position rather than horizontal! No wonder that the starter did not work after his repair. (Figure-1).
An insulator was located and the starter was assembled properly and delivered, but the
important point is the inherent insistence for some people to tamper with thing that they don’t know much about, which will result in much higher prices, and unnecessary delays that could have been easily prevented if they allowed a specialist to work on the unit to begin with.
I personally refrain from doing things like pluming, roof repair, or carpentry around the house and always defer to a professional.
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