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Concerning polarity and magnetism on slip ring

Q:  I have read where alot of you change sliprings on rotors. So my question to you is, do you always put the new slipring back on the way it came off (not the physical position, but the electrical orientation) Let … Continue reading

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Delco 22si alternator made in Taiwan

  Q:  This came in this AM for an exchange.Customer took it off an early 60’s Kenworth w/Cummins.Housing appears to be 21si (no 22si stamp).Trio has 3 (what appear to be)  extra diodes soldered to it.The condenser end has been … Continue reading

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Ford alternator with cam sensor problem

Q:  Customer called, has 08 f150 5.4l  . Took vehicle to garage for misfire. Garage told him alternator is bad, causing a cam sensor problem. Alternator tests good on vehicle. Anybody ever have this problem? A:  Where is the alternator … Continue reading

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Why Smart Meters Produce Higher Bills

 Why Smart Meters Produce Higher Bills Much has been talked about in recent months regarding higher electric bills with new digital meters. In order to understand why this will always be an issue with smart meter technology, we need to … Continue reading

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Stater solenoid problem

Q: I have a Denso starter #28000-3971 J.D. #AR63341. Customer says it keeps blowing the fuse to the sol. I made a jumper wire with a 10 amp fuse it blows instantly 30 amp will work a few times.what should … Continue reading

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